We offer an Open Invitation to Join Our Organization!

We wish to invite judgment collectors and those in ancillary businesses to join the California Association of Judgment Professionals, Inc. We welcome judgment collectors working in other states to join our organization as Associate Members.

Click Here to view video as to why you should become a member of the CAJP

CAJP strives to pool the collective talents, resources and knowledge from our diverse membership for a common goal – to more efficiently and effectively collect court ordered judgments. Our organization actively fosters continuing education so that our members remain current on upcoming legislation new code changes and collection techniques. The goals of the CAJP are:

  • Foster professional development and business growth
  • Continuing education
  • Cost-savings through the use of combined resources
  • Networking opportunities with other judgment collection associates

As a member of CAJP you agree to the organization’s professional guidelines when collecting judgments.


Benefits of Regular and Associate Membership:

  • Network of contacts and resources throughout the state – support system from other collection professionals
  • Referrals to process servers and attorneys
  • Free access to online legal research, forms and treatises
  • Free business listing on CAJP’s website, which enjoys top search ranking and is first choice for judgment owners seeking assignees
  • Online message board 24/7 for immediate feedback/help
  • Information-rich website and ‘forum’ with downloadable files
  • Email newsletter
  • Discounts to legal services
  • Continuing Education – including annual conference
  • Monthly educational Webinars
  • Complimentary networking luncheons
  • Huge Discount to subscription of major legal search engine, which includes legal research, debtor searches, etc. Available to all types of members. Please call for more information.


Membership in CAJP sends a message to the public that you are a specialized, licensed business which adheres to CAJP’s professional guidelines. These guidelines indicate that you strive to remain current with the law and that you adhere to high ethical standards.

Regular Membership (must be located in California):

  • Membership Fee – $255, includes new-member attorneys and returning members.
  • Copy of FBN and/or DBA and/or Business Registration and/or proof of corporate status that establishes you have been in any kind of business for longer than one year.
  • Completion of an entry-level certification exam, unless Applicant is a practicing California attorney.
  • Attend one CAJP Judgment Enforcement Basics class and thereafter attend one continuing education session as required by Board (at this time, none).
  • Provide a copy of a Satisfaction of Judgment that you have enforced in California.

Provisional Membership (must be located in California):

  • Membership Fee – $195, first year only; for new, first time, non-attorney members.
    New, first time, non-attorney members also receive a $50 educational voucher, good toward the Judgment Enforcement Basics Class or the Conference.

Until a Membership Applicant has met the requirements for Regular or Associate Membership, they will be provided a Provisional Membership which will entitle them to participate in the message board; qualify them for member discounts and benefits; but they will not be listed on the Website Membership Roster, or be permitted to vote or use the CAJP name or logo.

Associate Membership (for enforcers outside California):

  • Membership Fee – $255
    New, first-time members also receive a $50 educational voucher, good toward the Judgment Enforcement Basics Class or the Conference.
  • Copy of FBN and/or DBA and/or Business Registration and/or proof of corporate status and compliance with state-specific requirements such as a collection agency license. (depends on the requirements of your state).

Note: the only difference between Associate Membership and Regular Membership is that Associate Members cannot vote in CAJP elections, bylaw changes,  polls, nor can you hold office.

Affiliate Membership (for those in other professions):

  1. Membership Fee – $255
    An individual or business entity, not in judgment enforcement, which supports judgment enforcement specialists by its business, such as: information provider, service of process, document preparation, etc.


Membership in the CAJP is voluntary. By accepting membership, a Judgment Professional assumes an obligation of self-discipline and will abide by the Professional Guidelines as set forth by the Association. Renewal fees are due on March 1st. 1st Renewal for new members will be prorated based on the rate of $255 per year.


  1. Be diligent in their application and use of the Codes in their dealings with Vendors, Judgment Debtors and the Courts.
  2. Maintain appropriate and timely communications with their Vendors.
  3. Not operate under a name that implies or suggests that they are associated with any department of government or any Court.
  4. Never engage in the unauthorized practice of law by suggesting or implying that they are representing creditors or never misrepresent your own qualifications.
  5. Strive to keep current with State & Federal privacy & consumer laws applicable to their practice.
  6. Promptly remit funds due as provided by their Vendors’ agreements.
  7. Use only lawful methods in their judgment enforcement practice.
  8. Strive to maintain a high level of competency by participating in continuing education, acquiring the necessary tools for business proficiency and staying abreast of changes within the industry.
  9. Maintain professional courtesy with fellow Judgment Professionals and assist in the exchange of knowledge whenever possible.


The CAJP was founded by a handful of the preeminent Judgment Enforcement Pioneers, to create a forum and an organization that would enhance, promote, and improve the experience of the professional judgment collector.

Through the hard work of its founders, Board officers, and the participation of its members, the CAJP has become the premiere professional organization in the judgment recovery field. If you have any doubts about the validity of that claim, look at the names of the Honorary CAJP Members listed on this website.

I encourage anyone working in this field to participate in our educational events and join this organization. It is a small investment that promises large dividends.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, we can always use additional participation from the membership. I hope that those of you who are new, as well as those who have been with us for a while, will consider becoming committee members, participating in regional lunch meetings, as well as assisting with continuing education events. It is a great way to learn, while you join the other Board members and myself in maintaining the professional practices and high standards the CAJP has come to represent.

It is an honor to serve as CAJP Board President at this productive time of growth for our organization, and for the judgment recovery industry in general. This CAJP Board will honor the legacy of those who have worked so hard to create this great organization. We will also expand our work with other California professional organizations, and the Legislature in Sacramento, to ensure that our interests and rights are recognized and protected.